1What weight can the strap withstand?
- You can be sure that you will not be able to withstand such a weight on the neck or shoulders as the strap will withstand. For 7 years, having cameras weighing more than 4.5 kg, we and our customers have not noticed any nuances in the operation, except that it is very difficult to carry)
2Will the rope / leather not stain my clothes?
- As we declare: our straps are about style and comfort, you can not worry about anything else, the material of the rope is polyamide, the same material that is used in surgery. The material is very suitable for chemicals and water, and this material is very disliked by microorganisms, because the surface of polyamide is very smooth and microorganisms can not adhere to the surface. As for the leather we use, it is vegetable tanning, there is no chromium in its paints, so it is as safe and neutral as possible to everything that touches.
3What will happen to the strap in 1-3 years?
- It depends on what you do with it, but I know for sure that if you wear the belt as we recommend and use it for its intended purpose, then even after 7 years everything will be ok and it will not lose its strength. The only thing that can happen in 2-3 years is the loss of brightness of the rope, but this only applies to countries where direct sunlight with the strap is 365 days per year.
4Will the hardware not scratch the camera?
— We use a special gasket on the camera mounting points with a ring, so if you do not ignore our recommendations for fixing the belt to the camera, you will not have any questions about it.